Traverse City Natives are the First to Take the Leap

Starry Night Barn is filling up with wedding and event reservations for our first event season, beginning in the spring of 2017.  The final barn restoration and renovation efforts are wrapping up and it’s more amazing and gorgeous than we could have imagined.  We arelindsayandshanev1 excited to see Starry Night transform and dazzle in so many different iterations in the seasons to come and share this excitement with wonderful couples and their friends and families.  In the spirit of firsts and the excitement of new beginnings, we would like to give a special thanks to the first couple to take a chance on Starry Night Barn, Lindsay and Shane.  Lindsay and Shane, two high school sweethearts attending different Traverse City high schools, were the first potential clients to visit Starry Night Barn.  Their wedding planner, Nikki Klienrichert – one of my oldest, best friends and an original member of our O/M gangster life that triggered a fascination with Van Gogh’s Starry Night, had to convince me to let Shane alindsayandshanev2nd Lindsay come and look at the barn when it was in the early days of being torn apart.  Even in its roughest stage (with some serious imagination-staging from Nikki), Lindsay and Shane could see the vision.  As two Traverse City natives, Lindsay and Shane knew they wanted a wedding in the Traverse City / Leelanau area that reflected the beauty and simplicity of our landscapes.   They knew
Starry Night Barn & Studios was it from the start.

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So, a big THANK YOU and Congrats shout-out to Lindsay and Shane for being the first to take the leap here at Starry Night Barn!