Before, During & After

We still have a bit to go before the restorations are finished here at Starry Night Barn & Studios but the changes are so dramatic that I wanted to share our progress so far.  This barn project has been 15 years in the waiting and making.  When we moved here 15 years ago, we first patched the giant hole in roof that sat open for years and cabled the the sides together to keep it upright until we could do more.  If you could hug a barn, pat its back and tell it everything was gonna be OK someday, that’s essentially what we did for years.

Most of the structural timbers had to be replaced in Starry Night and the south stone foundation had crumbled.  She suffered from so many years of neglect causing rot and time detioration.  Our plans for restoration included a new commercial use as an events space, and that’s where things get more compliacted.  We worked with architects, engineers, local governements officials, barn experts from all over, local builders, excavation teams, and surveyers to get this done and done right.  I’m not sure if we would have embarked on this journey if we had known then what a rough process this was, although knowing my stubborness and sheer will to make things happen, we still would’ve plowed forward. Our 5 year old son coined the famous saying this summer “this barn is killing my life!” Thankfully, we’re on the mend as a family now, with a rejueventaed barn at the center where are young boys now love to run and dance.

More “afters” to come as the deck is finished, finished floors are installed, new doors hung, the lights go in and the roof is replaced!

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