A Fitting First Leelanau County Wedding Reception at Starry Night Barn

We feel honored and grateful that Chris and Carlee chose Starry Night Barn for their big reception.  This reception was special for so many reasons – it was our first! – but the guest list made it feel easy and comfortable.  It was a treat to see so many Leelanau and Traverse City area friends and families seated at tables, up and dancing and a healthy number of kids running around.  I love that Carlee made sure there were treats and fun to-dos for the kids with bubbles and pixie sticks and that writing paper, just like on the Kolarik farm, the whole family pitched in to make the day amazing and celebrate Chris and Carlee.  Watching them dance or take note of each other across the barn as they chatted and hugged family and friends, was sweet and affirming that true love and goodness still rings loud and clear!  Professional pics are coming soon!